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Total health foundation focuses on providing free health awareness, education and improving human dignity. Many in the poor areas of the world including USA could barely have enough for their feeding not to talk of funding their healthcare cost. So as a small organization in partnership with our sister organization in USA Totalhealth kids, we focus mainly in our local area of Southern Maryland and Washington DC along with a few small villages in Nigeria to provide funding for  health education, medication management and compliance as well as  business empowerment for women. 

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Mission Statement

 A healthy and successful child is raised by a successful healthy village, our mission is to provide means for our village to stay healthy in other to be productive and supportive village for our children.


1. To assist less privileged persons in the society on healthcare matters.

2. To be a viable platform for health care support, promotions and advancement in the society.

3. To help less privileged persons in the society to enjoy good health as well as freedom from diseases. 

4. To carry out awareness on health, food, education, women empowerment, water, rural development and healthcare support projects.

5: Educate on treatment and prevention of malaria in Nigeria

Our Culture is shown by our values as we:

Embrace innovation and seeking more efficient way to see patient, communicate with other consultants, store and interpret data

Integrity: We adhere to high moral principles and accountability for donated products by a commitment to honesty, confidentiality, trust, respect and transparency.

Compassion: We provide supportive and caring environment to staff and patients


Omoyiola Free medical Center (OFMC)  was started in 2017 solely to provide health access to the rural area of  Ileogbo and its environs with free medical services. We currently educate and treat patients daily with supply of free medication the following diseases: Diabetes and Eye Care, High blood pressure issues, malaria and minor ailments. 

From time to time, we also supply wheel chairs and walkers to support the elderly. In addition  OFMC coordinates a monthly clinic generally to bring patients and community together for education on healthy habits, follow up on medications, as well as address compliance issue. Existing patients are checked to monitor current condition/status and evaluate efficacy of medication. At which time, the resident staff may adjust medication dosage and another supply of 30-day dose of medication is given.

New patients are registered and evaluated for diabetes and/or high blood pressure by a registered nurse. During this visit patients are referred to a resident doctor for further diagnosis as necessary. Patient with diabetes and/or high blood pressure are given a 30 day supply of medication and requested to follow-up at the next clinic.

Patients with general ailments – body aches, malaria, etc are given a 3-7day supply of general pain medication, tested for malaria and anti-malaria and education on hydration and diet given.


The clinic is temporarily closed due to geopolitical conflict, but we continue to support other medical missions to other areas of Nigeria during medical mission. Our focus remains in supporting the orphanage.

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